The History of Skinker-DeBaliviere
In 1973 three neighbors researched and wrote the history of Skinker-DeBaliviere from its earliest days up to that point. They published it in booklet form for the benefit of the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council.

In 2008, Jo Ann Vatcha picked up the story from 1973 and it was published in celebration of the neighborhood's 100th birthday as "Celebrating Skinker-DeBaliviere, History and Coomeback."

A companion DVD containing interviews with longtime residents is included with each book.

Copies are still available. Contact Jo Ann Vatcha or Marj Weir using the email options on the home page if you would like to obtain a copy. Each copy is $42.

For more detail about the book we refer you to the Centennial website. There is a link on our home page.